Thursday, October 14, 2004

The final curtain

Hi there everyone. Well this is my final blog. I think I have gotten everything I am going to get from blogging. Unfortunately I don't have the time during the day to compose a blog and reading some of Bungle's stories, there is no way I can compete with his interesting lifestyle.

If you have taken the time and trouble to read any of my blogs, thank you, I hope you enjoyed them.

Happy blogging.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

The true version of events of the weekend

After hearing some of the terrible things written by Bungle over the last few days concerning my visit to London I thought I should set the record straight.
The weekend as always was a lot of fun. Mummy and Daddy are fabulous hosts and we didn't seem to stop laughing, even though Daddy was worried about his youngest child.
Mummy has a solution to hand in the form of a bag of Tate and Lyle's finest should the little scamp go into some form of attention seeking coma.
Saturday was a lovely lazy day for Mummy and I and we prepared for our night out to the establishment called XXL. Mummy has developed some sort of nervous disorder where she bellows "You" at some complete stranger, whilst waving her finger at the poor unfortunate individual, then asking them a very personal question. It's frightening. I felt sorry for the chap with the little tuft of hair who was grilled by Mummy. Sunday also was very enjoyable, once my overnight guest had been dispatched.
We had planned a Sunday roast and I casually mentioned that I would cook. My, how the worm turned………Daddy was like a savage beast. I couldn't cook as I made the cardinal sin of allowing some boiling hot curry sauce to hit the precious hob.
I recoiled in horror and said that of course he should cook, as he is the man of the house. Well when Mummy lets him think he is.
We went to the pub, where I was due to meet an acquaintance. He duly turned up, we had a few drinks and he was invited back for the Sunday roast. Although I wasn't allowed to cook, I was allowed to carve. I had pictured Daddy in the 80's with electric carving knife in hand,wet look perm and Miami Vice style suit. The "carving" knife would not have cut through butter, but somehow I managed to hack the poor lamb to pieces.
Dinner was delicious, though I'm sure my sprouts might have been a touch firmer. After we had eaten, we were treated to a pot of weight watchers flavoured goo that passed itself off as a dessert. After we had eaten Daddy then informed us that the piece of lamb had in fact been dropped on the floor, so we probably ate what ever was on the floor at the time.
Monday came and I had to return home. As always it was a very sad occasion for me.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Update Part 2

I thought I would bring everyone up to date since my last blog, plus it will keep Mr Swine Fever from Notting Hill happy.

The good news is that I have an interview for my dream job in London next Friday afternoon. This has messed my plans up slightly, as I have already booked the following Monday off. My holiday entitlement is running low, but hey that's what sick days are for.

I'm not at all nervous about the interview as it's purely a preliminary one and I WANT THAT JOB.

Secondly the bloke that I met last week. He is new to gay internet sites. I did say to him that he would be swamped with messages from the usual bunch of timewasters etc. A "friend" of mine told me this week that he knew of someone who had been messaging this bloke, but declined to tell me who it was as he couldn't break a confidence.

I was somewhat upset. I don't imagine it is going to be a big romance with me and this bloke, but I did want the opportunity to see him again.

A number of friends said that I should keep in touch and try and arrange something. I spoke to the guy yesterday and we chatted for sometime. I was due to meet him today, but couldn't get to where he lives as I don't have a car (do u really need 2, Mr Angry from Notting Hill?)

I wanted him to know that I wasn't a timewaster and that I wanted to see him again. He said that he really enjoyed meeting me the first time, (he must of been impressed with my etchings) and wants to see me again.

We have arranged that he's going to come down one evening next week, we'll do the..........well you can guess then I'm taking him for a drink. He obviously doesn't go out on the gay scene much as he asked what he should wear. Then I think he's going to stay the night.

So I'm quite happy at the moment. Will it last? Watch this space.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004


Well I havent posted a blog for quite some time as I havent had much to say, but thought I would do an update.

Met a very very good looking fella off the net over the weekend and we spent a couple of hours in each others company. Was one fo those, Wow I can't believe he would be interested in me types. Hoping to see him again.

I have also applied for a job in London. I was very determined that any jobs I applied for would have to be the "right" ones and unfortunately they don't come along all too often. This one however is perfect.

It would give me promotion, a much better salary too, which is important, though don't tell Bungle or he will want pocket money. NB all u bloggers, he knows how to alter your comments so beware. More importantly it will give me a challenge.


Tuesday, September 07, 2004


This is the first chance I have had to blog since returning from stayinging with Mummy and Daddy at the weekend.

They were the perfect hosts as always and there were many laughs.

The point of the blog is to recount Sunday's experiences when we went shopping for a new lap top for Daddy at PC World. If there were an episode of Keeping up Appearances and Hyacinth Bouquet went shopping for a lap top, then you can guess where they found the story.

Bungle was a revelation. My retail experiences with Bungle have been limited to popping into Tescos. He was amazing.

He had the poor assistant scurrying here and there, demanding a huge discount, wanting this and that. I half expected an order for a chair and a mint julip to be barked at the poor man at some point.

Bungle also repeatedly asked the man the same question regarding a memory card that was out of stock and at one point demanded a second opinion from another member of staff. Breathtaking.

Daddy and I found numerous reasons to suddenly disappear to look at anything rather than stand next to Bungle.

The crowning glory was when Bungle decided his lap top needed cleaning and he couldnt get into the packet of cleaning tissues, that weren't his in the first place. He told an assistant to open them for him so he could clean his lap top. The assistant meekly did this.

When we finally left, much to the relief of all PC World staff Im sure, he had the good grace to say "Im just horrible".

I look forward to the first Anti Social Behaviour order being handed out to Bungle to stay out of Staines.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

A Quick One

This will be a fairly short blog due to time constraints. Packing for my trip to London will begin tonight. I have to travel light so will just toss a few things into a bag. A blue print for the weekend maybe?

Will be great to see Daddy and wicked step Mummy Bungle. We're staying at daddies, so will look forward to the delicious smell of Bungle's home made bread and scones when I arrive.

I expect step Mummy will tell me not to talk to any strange men over the weekend, so there's not much point in me going out then. Daddy will just think that everyone (with the exception of one person) is just GORGEOUS.

I'm know that the weekend will be full of laughs, drinks, seeing friends and eating low cal foods and Ryvita. Yum yum

Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Well the last bank holiday is over, more mediocre weather throughout the weekend and I wake up today to glorious sunshine.

The weekend was very odd. My housemate was away, I had the house to myself and the use of his car and I didn't know what to do or where to go.

Saturday was filled with the usual household chores, surfing the internet and catching up with Bungle when he had a window in his busy schedule. He seems to have become something of a social butterfly (with large wings I grant you) since he met Daddy and that's really great news.

I'm looking forward to coming down to London on Friday afternoon and the three of us shoe horning ourselves into Daddies dolls house.

Apart from that it has been a very mediocre weekend, but I'm certainly hoping this one coming has plenty to offer.